• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – March 2018

1. (adj) monolithic: something large and powerful (normally a corporation or system) which is unwilling to change

Example: The monolithic pay committee of this company had refused the pay rise demand of the national trade union for so many times.

2. (v) distill: to produce a summary which only consists of the most important points, out of many other points

Example: The business plan was distilled after a series of executive meetings with intense discussion.

3. (adj) dreary: something which makes you feel bored, upset or disappointed

Example: Although the civil war had ended two months ago, the ambience of the town is still dreary.

4. (adj) thunderous: something which creates so much noise or is too noisy

Example: The thunderous applause was given after the singer finished her performance.

5. (adj) tenacious: to be really determined and not willing to stop, even when facing obstacles

Example: The businessmen were so tenacious that his partners had to end the negotiation in favor of them.

6. (n) admonition: a warning about someone’s behavior

Example: The student received an admonition from his university for failing too many exams.

7. (adj) superfluous: something which is not needed

Example: In an attempt to cut cost, the accounting department decided to abolish various superfluous expenses such as wide TV screens.

8. (n) ornament: an item which is used for decoration purposes

Example: The shop purchased more ornament products to prepare for the Christmas and new year seasons.

9. (adv) cogently: to state something firmly or reasonably

Example: The presentation was delivered so cogently that it changed the mind of the board.

10. (adj) prescient: to be predictable or foreseeable, or to be sure that something will happen

Example: The prescient slowdown of the Chinese economy was partly because of the growing competition from other emerging Asian countries.

What new words have you learnt in March 2018? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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