• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Revision – Describing a Pet or Animal

Sample Question

Describe a pet that you own and has a special influence on you.

You should say:

- What the pet is

- Where and when you bought him/her

- What activities you enjoy together

And explain why the pet has a special influence on you.

Sample Response (The response may not last for exactly 2 minutes when spoken)

I would like to tell you about my dog. His name is Hund. The name is inspired by the German noun “der Hund”, which means “the dog” in English.

Hund was born and brought up in Japan. At the age of three, he travelled to Frankfurt with his owner. I had the chance to own Hund two years ago, when my Japanese neighbor decided to move to Berlin to accept a new job offer.

Hund is an extremely loyal and smart dog. He is good at swimming and can even imitate pieces of basic human language such as hello and goodbye. Furthermore, he enjoys playing in my house’s garden and watching television with me in the evening.

Two years ago, Hund was upset because he had to leave his owner. However, these days Hund and I are close friends, and we often play sports together in my free time. Hund has a special influence on my life, since he was the first pet that I have ever owned in my life.

If you were to answer the topic above, how would your response look like? Please share it by leaving a comment.

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