• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 2 Revision – Improving Your Essay with Evaluation

Many IELTS candidates are often confused with the differences between analysis and evaluation in academic writing contexts. Analysis happens when you simply state and explain (with reasons) the advantages and disadvantages of a trend. Evaluation, however, attempts to answer questions such as:

- Are there any case studies or real-life examples which prove that those analyses are purely theoretical and not applicable?

- Do those advantages and disadvantages apply to all social groups and all countries?

- Which advantages and disadvantages are more significant or likely to happen than the others?

- Can you rank those advantages and disadvantages from the most significant to the least significant, or vice versa?

Exercise: Complete the following paragraphs with at least one sentence showing evaluation.

Example: Watching TV can lead to obesity among children. When children spend time watching TV, they are physically inactive, which increases the chance of gaining weight. …

Evaluation: However, if children watch TV moderately and take physical exercises on a regular basis, then the problem of obesity can be easily dismissed.

1. Political lobbying is necessary, because it enables politicians to finance their campaigns. In developed countries, the act is particularly important, since the cost of running for office is significant. …

2. Governments should completely ban the online advertisement of fast food and related products. Scientific studies, in fact, show that fast food is a leading cause of obesity among children and teenagers. …

3. The increasing applications of advanced technology in various industries are detrimental, because they take away a huge number of jobs. In developed countries, the negative impact is already felt in traditional industries which require much manual labor. …

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