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Grammar Builder Exercise – Using the Passive Form of Sentences

Exercise: Change the following sentences from the active form to the passive form.


Active form: Teenagers consume more fast food than in the past because of the changes in modern lifestyles.

Passive form: Fast food is consumed more by teenagers than in the past because of the changes in modern lifestyles.

1. The general manager is examining the two business proposals, before they are sent to the executive board.

2. Teachers at this school use mobile applications to monitor students’ class attendance and academic performance.

3. The local government signed a bill which heavily restricts private gun ownership.

4. With the city council’s permission, the private construction company built two large shopping malls in the center.

5. The overuse of social media causes a number of mental problems such as depression and anxiety.

Please find the answers here.

What do you think are the purposes of using the passive form of sentences? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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