• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – April 2018

1. (adj) obstinate: someone who is not willing to easily change his/her minds or plans

Example: One obstinate member can cause major problems for the whole team.

2. (v) bluff: to intentionally give false information about something or someone to gain an advantage

Example: The contractor bluffed the real estate agent by providing false statistics, in order to win the contract.

3. (adj) amenable: to be willing to do something according to someone’s request or agree with someone’s opinion

Example: Having perfectly amenable employees is not desirable, because they do not always challenge poor decisions.

4. (adj) vaunted: to be praised or seen as very important

Example: The manager is vaunted in the company for his ability to encourage employees to excel beyond their limits.

5. (adj) inexplicable: to be impossible to explain

Example: The executive board finds the CEO’s decision to resign inexplicable, because he is widely admired by his employees.

6. (adj) implacable: to be so determined and unwilling to change opinion about something

Example: The local government remains implacable that the car manufacturer has to improve working conditions for its employees.

7. (v) refute: to prove that a previously announced statement is false

Example: The tech companies strongly refuted the EU’s accusations against their unfair trade practices.

8. (adj) surreptitious: to be done secretly so that others will not notice

Example: British Airways once implemented a surreptitious plan to damage the reputation of Sir Richard Branson and his airline.

9. (n) posterity: future generations

Example: A country’s environmental policies must take into account the impacts on its posterity.

10. (adj) fecund: to be able to produce many babies (women) or many plants (land)

Example: Natural land in this area has been less fecund over the past few years due to increasing industrial activities.

What new words have you learned in April 2018? Please share them by leaving a comment.

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