• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Generational Changes in Work Values and Ethics

Sample Questions and Answers

Q: Would you rather choose a boring job that earns a lot of money or an interesting job that earns less?

A: I would prefer a job that I find interesting to a boring job. The reason is that completing tasks which I enjoy leads to greater work satisfaction. In addition, an enjoyable job can also help me socialize better with my colleagues and employer. An interesting job can also create opportunities for promotion, since I can fulfil my duties with extraordinary results.

Q: A few decades ago, what were the important factors that encouraged people to choose a job?

A: As for people entering the workforce in the 20th century, I believe that pay was the most important reason why they chose a certain job. During that period, being able to feed their families remained the top priority of workers. As a result, they saw other factors of the workplace as less influential, such as how their employers treated them individually or the amount of room for creativity.

Q: These days what are the important factors that encouraged people to choose a job?

A: In comparison to a few decades ago, workplace of the 21st century has changed dramatically. Although financial pay remains a crucial magnet to attract talents, it is not always the number one priority of employees. To be specific, when evaluating a job offer, they would consider the company’s organizational values, business cultures and room for individual development. Therefore, they may prefer a start-up company which is tolerant of mistakes to a multi-national corporation whose structure does not allow employees to be creative.

Q: Do you think that this is a positive or negative development?

A: In my opinion, these generational changes are positive for a number of reasons. First, researches on organizational behavior indicate that a high level of pay does not necessarily lead to a high level of job satisfaction. Second, if a company wants to constantly innovate, it must create opportunities for its employees to make mistakes and learn from them. Third, an organization which consists of determined and satisfied people will work more efficiently than an organization which consists of well-paid managers who have no interest in what they are doing every day.

Q: Can you please tell me something about the work values and ethics of young people in your country?

A: Many young graduates in Vietnam are constantly searching for opportunities to start their own businesses. They are 21st century entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks. In addition, instead of joining big corporations in urban areas, many young Vietnamese are considering job offers from growing small and medium sized enterprises in rural areas of Vietnam. Finally, changing jobs frequently during their career is becoming a norm, and not something to avoid, among young Vietnamese.

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