• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – May 2018

1. (v) splay: to stretch or spread something

Example: Doctors are now researching ways to artificially splay people’s body parts without causing physical discomfort.

2. (adj) theatrical: a very emotional or exaggerated behavior

Example: When actors are overly theatrical, they can distort the message of the movies or plays.

3. (adj) versatile: to have competency in many different areas

Example: He is seen as a versatile author, because his books cover a wide range of topics, from politics to business.

4. (n) affinity: a sympathy or connection between people

Example: Young people in this country have a particular affinity for travelling abroad, since it enables them to experience new things.

5. (adj) precocious: to be able to do something that others of the same age normally cannot

Example: That precocious child can play the piano very well at the age of four.

6. (v) extol: to praise someone or something very enthusiastically

Example: China’s local media often extol its government’s social and economic policy reforms.

7. (n) virtue: a good quality, habit or advantage that someone or something has

Example: Honesty is one of the important virtues that children should learn from their young age.

8. (v) dissect: to analyze something in detail to understand it deeply

Example: The executive board dissected our business proposal, before giving us the green light to implement it.

9. (v) scrutinize: to examine something very carefully

Example: Our event manager is scrutinizing the venue to make sure that the upcoming meeting will be successful.

10. (n) skirmish: a physical fight or a verbal argument

Example: The politicians had an intense skirmish over whether they should increase national spending on healthcare.

What new words have you learned in May 2018? Please share them by leaving a comment.

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