• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Revision – Describing a Famous Festival

Sample topic

Describe a famous festival in your country. You should say:

- What the name of the festival is

- How you first knew about it

- What activities people do there

And explain what is special about the festival.

Sample ideas

1. How you first knew about the festival:

Examples: TV, radio, the Internet, recommendations, etc.

2. What activities people do there:

Example: Trying local food, playing team-building games, camping, making new friends, etc.

3. What is special about the festival:

Examples: It is part of the country’s cultural identity, it boosts international tourism, it creates a place for community events and socializing, etc.

Tips for a successful Speaking Part 2 response

1. Be prepared:

Remember to take notes during your one minute of preparation. Your notes should only consist of key words, and not complete sentences.

2. Create an interesting story:

If the topic is about describing a famous person, you should think of another person other than Bill Gates. An influential politician in your local area is a suggestion.

3. Perfect your grammar and vocabulary:

Make sure that you maintain a high level of grammatical and lexical quality, for example by using a variety of transitional words and phrases to connect your ideas, or by using the right word form and verb tense.

If you were to answer the topic above, how would your response look like? Please share it by leaving a comment, and I will leave feedback on your answer.

Want to learn more about festivals around the world? Watch this video, produced by the YouTube channel Kara and Nate, to see how their memories of the famous German festival Oktoberfest look like.

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