• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – June 2018

1. (n) chronicle: a record of events which happened in the past

Example: A recently discovered chronicle of the 17th century shows that fur trade between America and Europe was existent at the time.

2. (v) eschew: to avoid doing something

Example: The company does not allow its employees to work late in the office to eschew negative social reputation.

3. (n) pundit: someone who has specialist knowledge and expertise in a particular subject

Example: Pundits in the field of behavioral economics do not share common views on how consumers make buying decisions.

4. (n) oxymoron: an expression that is built up using contradictory words and phrases

Example: His speech clearly shows an oxymoron because it both argues for and against free trade agreements.

5. (v) imbue: to fill someone or something with a certain ideology, emotion or quality

Example: These students are imbued with Marxism, because their school believe that it is the most efficient political model.

6. (n) mutation: a change or alteration, especially in biological contexts

Example: The mutation in the size of coral reef community in this area is explained by increasing industrial activities.

7. (v) traverse: to move over or study something in detail

Example: It took our team more than two days to traverse the dessert in the north of Africa.

8. (n) inception: the beginning of something

Example: The inception of this start-up project is inspired by the Canadian government’s support package for small sized businesses.

9. (n) rein: the control of a company, government or organization

Example: After his father, the founder of Kastler, died in 2015, he took over the reins of Kastler.

10. (v) gesticulate: to make use of body language, e.g. hand movements, while talking to emphasize a point

Example: When you over gesticulate in an interview, you may leave a negative impression for the interviewer.

What other new words have you learned in June 2018? Please share them by leaving a comment below.

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