• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Revision – Describing a Language You Would Like to Learn

Sample Topic:

Describe a language that you would like to learn.

You should say:

- What is the language?

- What are special about it?

- How do you think you will learn it?

And explain why you would like to learn it.

Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about a language that I really want to learn. It is Chinese. Chinese is the primary and popular language in many parts of the world such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. In terms of the number of speakers, Chinese is the biggest in the world.

The special thing about Chinese is that it does not follow the traditional English or Vietnamese alphabet with letters such as A, B, C and D. Chinese is based on pictographic writing which is adopted by a number of other languages such as Japanese and Korean. Therefore, as a Vietnamese whose language is based on the Latin writing features, I find it grammatically difficult to write Chinese words and understand texts in Chinese.

I think there are a number of ways that help me improve my Chinese. I have a large number of Chinese friends in the UK who are excellent in Chinese language, which means that I can have experienced teachers for free. In addition to this, the growth of the Internet with online lessons and teaching materials allows me to learn Chinese at an affordable cost and whenever I want to.

There are a few reasons why I think learning Chinese is beneficial for me. First of all, Chinese is a popular language in the world and therefore being able to speak Chinese will enhance my employment prospects in the future. Secondly, I know a lot of Chinese people and talk with them on a regular basis. Understanding and being able to communicate in Chinese will further improve our relationships.

If you were to answer the topic above, how would your response look like? Please share it by leaving a comment.

Watch this Ted talk, delivered by linguist Matthew Youlden, to understand more about tips to learn a language efficiently.

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