• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Social Responsibilities and Sustainable Development

Sample questions on the topic of social responsibilities of private businesses:

- Is it important for a private business to have social responsibilities? Why or why not?

- What can a private business do to show its social responsibilities?

- What are the consequences for a private business if it conducts socially irresponsible behaviors?

- How can governments encourage private businesses to be socially responsible?

- What do you think is more important for a private business, its profits or its social responsibilities?

Sample questions on the topic of sustainable development:

- Should economic growth be the most important policy objective of a government?

- In addition to economic growth, what should be other top policy objectives for a government?

- Does a high rate of economic growth lead to any negative social and environmental consequences?

- How can a government efficiently use its limited natural resources?

- What factors can help a country develop sustainably in the long run?

Please share your answers to the questions above by leaving a comment, and we will leave feedback on them.

Watch this video by the United Nations to learn more about the concept of “sustainable development”.

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