• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – July 2018

1. (v) percolate: to pass through something or to spread on a wide scale

Example: The rumor percolated through the firm and hurt its reputation.

2. (adj) scrappy: something put together in a disorganized way

Example: The marketing department did not receive the green light from the board of directors because of its scrappy business proposal.

3. (v) guzzle: to eat or drink too much in an enthusiastic way

Example: The man guzzled because he had not eaten anything for two days.

4. (n) muddle: a confused situation

Example: The CEO left her company in a muddle after she resigned.

5. (n) avalanche: a large number of similar things which happen at the same time or within a short period of time

Example: The country is facing an avalanche of labor strikes on a nationwide scale.

6. (n) axiom: a statement which is generally believed to be true

Example: It is an axiom among marketing managers that a website’s contents are much more important that its design.

7. (v) dispense: to distribute something or to provide a service

Example: The city council failed to dispense food and medical aid to people of the area which was affected by two continuous earthquakes.

8. (n) drivel: silly and unimportant things which are said or written by a person

Example: The two parties argued so intensely that they considered each other’s political view a drivel.

9. (v) evaporate: something such as a feeling or quantity disappears

Example: The fear among the building’s residents evaporated after the firefighters arrived.

10. (adj) venerable: someone or something that is widely respected

Example: The venerable politician passed away two years ago after decades of fighting against cancer.

What other new words have you learnt in July 2018? Please share them by leaving a comment.

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