• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 1 Revision – Sentence Structures to Make Bar Chart Comparisons

In this article, I would like to provide you with several popular structures to make bar chart comparisons. These structures are widely used by IELTS candidates in the first section of the IELTS Writing exam.

Structure 1: Greater than – More than

The percentage of British tourists who chose hotel (about 55%) as their choice of accommodation in 2010 was 5 times greater than the figure for camping (about 11%).

Structure 2: The greatest – The biggest

Of the 4 choices of accommodation among British tourists in 2010, hotel was the most popular option for people in all 4 parts of Britain – England (55%), Scotland (52%), Wales (49%) and Northern Ireland (45%).

Structure 3: Trend comparison

From 2006 to 2010, the sales of romance books in city A recorded a slight increase from about $82 thousand to $84 thousand, whereas the opposite trend was true of sales of the other 4 fiction book types.

Structure 4: Peak point comparison

The sales of romance books in city A reached its peak of $115 thousand in 2007, while the highest sales of young adult books were achieved in 2006 at a much lower record, about $30 thousand.

Do you know any other sentence structures to describe bar chart comparisons? If yes, please share them by leaving a comment.

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