• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 2 Revision – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Sample Topic:

Working from home is beneficial, because it creates time flexibility and enables employees to fulfil their household duties. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

Sample Ideas:

Advantages of working from home

- Time flexibility: You can start working at any time you want to.

- Household duties: You can take care of your children while working.

- Avoiding pressure of the physical work environment: You can focus on your tasks without the fear of being constantly supervised.

Disadvantages of working from home

- Problems with team communication: You may miss important updates on the progress of your team work.

- Problems with skill development: You may miss the opportunity to develop certain skills such as public speaking.

- Problems with discipline: The lack of peer and boss pressure may prevent you from concentrating on your jobs.

Requirements of an Ideal Writing Task 2 Essay:

1. Develop a clear and logical essay structure: Introduction, body contents and conclusion.

2. Use sound reasoning and concrete examples to support analyses and personal opinions.

3. Evaluate your ideas using a number of hypothetical situations to show your ability to think critically.

4. Reach a high level of grammatical and lexical quality by using a variety of vocabulary and sentence structures correctly as well as relevantly.

If you were to answer the topic above, how would your essay look like? Please share it by leaving a comment, and I will give feedback on your essay.

Watch this video, produced by Ingrid Nilsen, to learn her tips for those who are thinking about working from home.

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