• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Studying Abroad and Family Values

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on the topics of studying abroad and family values:


- Why is the number of students who study abroad increasing?

- What are the academic advantages of studying abroad?

- What are the non-academic challenges that students who study abroad have to face?

- Do you think that students who study abroad have a higher chance of getting a well-paid job that those who do not?

- What skills should a student who wishes to study abroad develop before leaving his country?


- What are the traditional family values of your country?

- Do you think that it is important to understand a country’s family values?

- In your opinion, are there any family values in your country that are no longer relevant in the modern society?

- What are the differences between the traditional family values of your country now and in the past?

- Should children learn about family values in schools?

Do you want to share your answers to the questions above? Please leave a comment, and I will leave feedback on your answers.

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