• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – August 2018

1. (n) jurisdiction: the power to make legal decisions

Example: The labor court has the highest jurisdiction in employment-related lawsuits.

2. (n) foreboding: a strong feeling that something bad will happen soon

Example: There is a serious foreboding among employees that the company will cut their salary soon.

3. (n) doom: a catastrophic event or complete collapse of something

Example: The global financial crisis was the doom that ruined a lot of commercial banks.

4. (adj) succinct: expressed in a short and understandable way

Example: The succinct reports helped us realize our organizational management problems.

5. (n) purview: the area of responsibility or influence of someone

Example: His purview as the CEO has a significant impact on employees’ behaviors.

6. (v) embroil: to involve someone in a difficult situation

Example: The economic policy will undoubtedly embroil the country in a global wealth race.

7. (adj) pragmatic: something that is practical and objective

Example: Because of her pragmatic approach towards decision-making processes, the CEO helped the company avoid tremendous mistakes.

8. (adj) fervent: to be very enthusiastic about something

Example: The students at this school are all fervent fans of South Korean music.

9. (adj) pesky: to be annoying

Example: The pesky party distracted me from my studies.

10. (adj) primordial: to be found when the Earth began

Example: The researcher is keen to studying primordial animal and plant species.

What other new words have you learned in August 2018? Please share them by leaving a comment.

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