• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 1 Revision – The Internet and Weather

Sample questions on the topic of the Internet:

- What do you usually use the Internet for?

- How often do you use the Internet?

- How important is the Internet to you?

- Do you use the Internet for studies? If yes, in what ways?

- How has the Internet changed since you were a child?

Sample questions on the topic of weather:

- What is the weather like in your hometown?

- What is the weather like in your country?

- Do you prefer the winter or summer? Why?

- What do you enjoy doing in the summer?

- How does weather in the winter affect your daily activities?

Want to share your answers to others? Please leave a comment, and I will give feedback on them.

Want to learn more about net neutrality, a piece of legal regulation which can significantly affect Internet usage? Watch this video by The Verge.

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