• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Working and Studying in an International Environment

Sample Speaking Part 3 questions on working and studying in an international environment:


1. What are the benefits of teamwork? Does it have any disadvantages?

2. Do you think that cultural diversity in the workplace will lead to higher efficiency?

3. What skills should an employee learn before he joins a multi-cultural business?

4. Does an international work environment lead to any conflicts?

5. What are the roles of leaders of multi-cultural teams in the business world?


1. Why do more and more students in developing countries decide to study abroad?

2. What are the educational benefits of a multi-cultural class?

3. Does cultural diversity at schools lead to any problems?

4. What skills should a student develop before he studies in an international environment?

5. Do instructors of courses with culturally diverse student populations play any roles in solving conflicts in these environments?

Want to share your answers to the questions above with others? Please leave a comment, and I will give feedback on them.

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