• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – September 2018

1. propensity (n): the tendency to behave in a particular way

Example: Because of action films, many children show a propensity for physical violence.

2. prolific (adj): to happen or exist in large numbers or on a wide scale

Example: The prolific and increasing existence of thunderstorms in Asia is partly due to human’s economic activities

3. pique (n): a feeling of being annoyed or disrespected by someone

Example: The marketing manager illustrated pique in her face, because the executive board refused to accept her promotion proposal.

4. barb (n): an unkind remark or criticism against someone

Example: Thanks to his attitudes towards employees, the chief technology officer received many bards on a daily basis.

5. flutter (v): to move through the air and make quick movements up and down

Example: Thousands of athletes are fluttering their national flags.

6. parse (v): to examine the grammar of a word or sentence in detail

Example: The teacher is very good at parsing complicated academic terminology.

7. toil (v): to do work very hard, especially work that is physical and demanding

Example: These illegal workers are paid little and have to toil every day.

8. sparing (adj): to use in small quantities

Example: A sparing amount of antibiotics in certain medical circumstances is beneficial.

9. hoard (v): to save something to make it a large quantity

Example: Many Indian women tend to hoard money and gold for future investments.

10. redact (v): to make changes to a document before it is published

Example: The main task of this editorial intern position is to redact blog articles for the company’s website.

What new words have you learned in September 2018? Please share them by leaving a comment.

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