• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – October 2018

1. (v) eviscerate: to damage an organization or system and make it less powerful

Example: These generous holiday policies are eviscerating our company because they demotivate our employees.

2. (adj) furtive: to be done quickly to avoid others’ attention

Example: The furtive behaviors of this IT employee let us think that he may be an accomplice of external hackers.

3. (adj) candid: to be honest and direct even if this may disappoint others

Example: In many Asian cultures, being too candid may harm your social reputation.

4. (v) conspire: to plan to do something bad or illegal in secret

Example: These activists were accused of conspiring against the government by planning violent attacks.

5. (n) indictment: something, often in written format, that shows how bad something is

Example: The numerous flight delays recently are an indictment of the inefficient air traffic control system.

6. (adj) nifty: to be quick, easy to use or effective

Example: The antivirus program was so nifty that we decided to extend our contract with the developer for another 2 years.

7. (v) disparage: to say unpleasant things about someone to degrade their reputation

Example: He disparaged his boss for not agreeing with his request for a pay rise.

8. (v) quibble: to keep arguing for ideas that are not relevant, important or sound

Example: Despite strong evidence, the criminal still quibbled that he did not commit the accused act of crime.

9. (adj) quaint: something that is unusual yet attractive

Example: The quaint marriage customs of this tribe attract a large number of foreign visitors every year.

10. (adj) burgeoning: to be growing quickly

Example: The burgeoning coffee business of this fast food chain is directly threatening Starbucks.

What new words have you learned in October 2018? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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