• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercise – Finding Ways to Improve and Correct Sentences

Requirement: Replace the underlined parts with a part that is free of grammatical inaccuracy, awkwardness and/or redundancy.

Sentence 1:

In the textbook publishing business, the second quarter is historically weak, because revenues are low and their marketing expenses are high as they prepare for the coming school year.

(A) low and marketing expenses are high as companies prepare

(B) low with higher marketing expenses in preparation

(C) low, while marketing expenses are higher to prepare

(D) low, while their marketing expenses are higher in preparation

Sentence 2:

Ms. Chambers is among the forecasters who predict that the rate of addition to arable lands will drop while those of loss rise.

(A) it rises for loss

(B) those of losses rise

(C) the rate of loss rises

(D) there are rises for the rate of loss

Sentence 3:

Until 1868 and Disraeli, Great Britain had no prime ministers not coming from a landed family.

(A) Until 1868 and Disraeli, Great Britain had had no prime ministers who have not come

(B) Until Disraeli in 1868, there were no prime ministers in Great Britain who have not come

(C) It was not until 1868 that Great Britain had a prime minister – Disraeli – who did not come

(D) It was only in 1868 and Disraeli that Great Britain had one of its prime ministers not coming

Source: Graduate Management Admission Council

Please find the answers here.

How many correct answers, out of 3, did you get? Why do you think that conciseness is important in academic writing? Please share your result and thoughts with others by leaving a comment.

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