• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – November 2018

1. (v) alternate: to choose one thing and then another and keep repeating this pattern

Example: The magicians alternated card and coin tricks through the show.

2. (n) heretic: someone who holds beliefs that oppose the traditional or original principles of a religion

Example: The heretics forced their wives to swim in extremely cold water, because they believed that this act could help eliminate sins.

3. (adj) entrenched: attitudes or beliefs that have existed for a long time and are difficult to change

Example: The villagers hold an entrenched belief that all girls over 16 can be kidnapped by any man in the village to become his wife.

4. (v) rectify: to correct a mistake or adjust a situation to make it better

Example: The lecturer rectified her student’s essay by including more examples and statistics.

5. (v) confer: to give an honor or right to someone, or to discuss a problem to reach a decision

Example: The marketing manager conferred with her team yesterday but failed to make a final decision on the next month’s promotion plans.

6. (n) siege: an attack in which the attackers surround a castle or building to either prevent the people inside from receiving food or force them to come out

Example: The king decided to surrender after a two-day siege by his enemies.

7. (n) complacency: the overconfidence which results from a false belief that the situation is good, or everything is under control

Example: The government shows its complacency after five consecutive years of positive economic growth, even though global economic outlooks are predicted to deteriorate.

8. (v) allude: to refer to someone or something indirectly, for example, by not mentioning his/her or its name

Example: The teachers alluded to their school’s principal in the final-year meeting, but none dared to specify who they were criticizing.

9. (v) stipulate: to set regulations on what is allowed and what is not

Example: The city council stipulates that rooms in all newly constructed buildings must have at least one window.

10. (n) ensemble: a group of artists who perform together

Example: The ensemble yesterday was special, because all artists were people with disabilities.

What new words have you learned in November 2018? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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