• Mai Duc Nguyen

Writing Task 1 Revision – Useful Sentence Structures to Describe Pie Charts

In this article, I would like to introduce several grammatical structures that are useful for describing pie charts. Please keep in mind that the natures of different pie charts, such as time periods and the number of pies, are different.

1. … accounts for …% of … .

Example: Bicycles account for 40% of the vehicle population in town A.

2. …% of … did something.

Example: 30% of students in this school had to re-sit a final exam at least once.

3. … is the dominant … in … with a … of … .

Example: Company A is the dominant player in the textile industry with a market share of 65%.

4. The proportion of … (…%) is the second/third/fourth largest in/among … .

Example: The proportion of social media users (95%) is the second largest among people aged 20 to 35.

5. The percentage of … (…%) surpasses … (…%) but is left behind by … (…%).

Example: The percentage of tablet users (67%) surpasses laptop users (64%) but is left behind by that of mobile phone users (70%).

6. The percentage of … (…%) is … times larger/smaller than … (…%).

Example: The percentage of male CEOs (80%) is 4 times larger than female CEOs (20%) in this industry.

Do you want to practice using these sentence structures? Please write an essay describing the pie charts about energy production in France (attached on top of this post) and comment it below. I will leave feedback on your essay.

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