• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – January 2019

On behalf of the IELTS With Mr Duc team, I wish you a very successful and cheerful 2019. Thanks for supporting us in 2018, and we sincerely hope to gain your valuable trust again in the new year. The first blog post of IELTS With Mr Duc in 2019 will provide you with 10 new words for your vocabulary enrichment in January.

1. (n) conjurer: someone who performs magic tricks for entertainment purposes, or who has special abilities

Example: The performance of British conjurers received positive feedback from the audience.

2. (n) facsimile: an exact copy of a book or piece of material

Example: The book’s facsimile has much lower paper quality than its original version.

3. (v) budge: to move or move something heavy

Example: The group of five strong men failed to budge the engine-broken car.

4. (adj) insidious: something dangerous but is presented in a way that makes it look harmless

Example: The disease is insidious, because it may not lead to any significant initial symptoms.

5. (v) cram: to put many people or things into a small space

Example: Eleven people were crammed inside the truck by human traffickers.

6. (adj) combustible: something that is likely to suddenly become violent or dangerous

Example: The combustible nature of religion-related policy changes makes them a sensitive topic in many countries.

7. (adj) obsequious: to please someone eagerly but not in a way that looks sincere

Example: The employees were reproached due to their obsequious behaviors toward the boss.

8. (v) pander: to support something or someone, even though this is not the right thing to do

Example: The government was criticized for pandering to oil-rich countries.

9. (n) profligacy: the act of wasting money, time, energy or other things

Example: The student needs to overcome his financial profligacy and pays more attention to his academic studies.

10. (adj) serendipitous: something that happens accidentally

Example: The similar pricing responses of the two competitors are serendipitous.

What new words have you learned in January 2019? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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