• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – February 2019

1. (n) tenure: the period of time during which someone is elected as a government official or holds an important job

Example: A CEO’s tenure only does not help us measure if he has done a good job managing the company.

2. (v) trample: to put your feet down on something or someone so heavily that leads to damage

Example: The criminal’s freedom is an act of trampling on justice.

3. (n) fiat: an order made by a government body or other groups in authority

Example: The government’s recent fiat was strongly opposed by fishing villages, because they feared that it would lead to lower fishing output.

4. (v) bluster: to speak in an angry or threatening manner

Example: When a child blusters, his parents first need to understand the reasons behind this behavior.

5. (v) cede: to allow someone to take something away from you, such as your power or protected land

Example: The workers agreed to cede several rights in the employment contract in return for a higher level of wage.

6. (n) dissent: strong disagreement between what one party thinks and the other thinks

Example: The city residents’ dissent was sparked by the failure of their city council to reduce crime.

7. (adj) culpable: to be responsible for something undesirable or illegal

Example: The naughty kids were culpable for breaking Mr. Johnson’s glass windows.

8. (adj) reticent: to be unwilling to talk or share something

Example: The man was reticent to share why he decided to divorce.

9. (adj) murky: to be dark and difficult to see through

Example: The murky nature of this area’s environment creates a fear among many drivers.

10. (v) wallow: to spend a lot of time doing something or being immersed in an emotion

Example: The girl wallowed in sorrow after the breakup with her boyfriend.

What new words have you learned in February 2019? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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