• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 1 Revision – Traditional Clothes and Your Family

Sample Speaking Part 1 questions on the topics of traditional clothes and your family

Traditional Clothes:

- Are there any types of traditional clothes in your country?

- Where can tourists see and try traditional clothes in your country?

- Are there any differences between traditional clothes of your country today and in the past?

- Do you often wear traditional clothes from your country or other countries?

- What do think traditional clothes represent?

Your Family:

- How many members does your family have?

- Who do you get on well with the most in your family?

- What do you and your family members often do together?

- Are there any things in your family that you would like to change?

- How has your family changed since you were a child?

Please share your answers below, and we will leave feedback on them!

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