• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 2 Revision – Describing an Interesting Hobby that You Know

Sample Topic:

Describe an interesting hobby that you know.

You should say:

- What the hobby is

- When and where you first learned about it

- What kinds of people would like it

And explain why it is interesting.

Sample Answer:

I would like to describe a popular hobby and culture in Asia. It is fortune telling. Fortune telling consists of a set of techniques that aim to predict a person’s financial and educational future.

I first heard of fortune telling when I was a kid. Back then, it was a widespread culture that was practiced by people living close to my place of residence. Interestingly, I realize that not only is fortune telling popular among old people, who sometimes are referred to as “superstitious”, but it is also gaining a foothold among young, well-educated professionals.

To explain its ubiquitous nature, fortune telling gives people a sense of certainty about their future. Combining different details of a person, from their date of birth to physical appearance, fortune tellers will create a list of predictions about his life. Furthermore, the fortune tellers are able to reveal many aspects of your future life, such as what kind of person you are going to marry, and when you will academically excel.

Fortune telling, however, is criticized by many who claim that predictions based on this cultural practice are totally random and unscientific. Having said that, in the near future, despite the advance of modern technology, I still strongly believe that fortune telling will remain its cultural as well as social significance in Asian countries.

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