• Mai Duc Nguyen

Speaking Part 3 Revision – Teamwork and Taking Risks

Sample Speaking Part 3 Questions on Teamwork:

1. What are the advantages of working as a team?

2. Do you think companies should encourage a culturally diverse work environment?

3. Does teamwork always lead to higher productivity and project success?

4. When working as a team, what should each member do to effectively contribute?

5. Are there any tasks or projects that should be completed individually?

Sample Speaking Part 3 Questions on Taking Risks:

1. What are the advantages of taking risks, such as starting a business?

2. Does taking risks always lead to desirable results?

3. What skills should young people learn and develop before taking risks?

4. Should teachers and parents encourage children to take risks?

5. Are there any risks, such as physical risks, that people should generally avoid?

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Do you wish to know what factors lead to teamwork success? Watch this video to learn the findings from a Google’s study.

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