• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – May 2019

1. (n) erudition: the great knowledge of a person that is accumulated through studying or experience

Example: The students were highly impressed by the erudition of the two guest speakers who shared their thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of private education.

2. (adj) ornate: using language that is more unusual and complicated than needed

Example: Being ornate does not necessarily improve your essay score, because the central evaluation criteria is task response.

3. (n) disbursement: using money from a fund for a particular purpose

Example: The government is highly criticized for its extravagant disbursement, especially for its investment in two unnecessary space exploration projects.

4. (n) admonition: a warning that is given to someone about his/her behaviors

Example: In this school, two verbal admonitions will constitute an oral one.

5. (n) lingo: unusual words that are used by people who do a certain specialized job

Example: Be wary of using lingo in your upcoming speech, because not all participants are lawyers.

6. (n) caveat: a warning about the limits of an agreement or contract

Example: She is offered a full scholarship for her 4-year studies – with the caveat that she must achieve certain grades or above.

7. (adj) astute: to be good at judging a situation or person quickly and be able to use this information for personal benefit

Example: The board of directors sees this CEO candidate as being highly astute and able to adopt quickly to business environment changes.

8. (adj) florid: something that contains too much decoration

Example: The public museum is so florid that it distracts visitors from enjoying its educational and cultural benefits.

9. (adj) hazy: to be unclear, lack details on or passion for something

Example: Through simple interview techniques, employers these days can easily spot candidates who are hazy about the jobs they applied for.

10. (adj) wrinkled: wrinkled skin often has a lot of small lines on it

Example: Wrinkled skin can represent age or stress or both at the same time.

What new words have you learned in May 2019? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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