• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercise – Building Complete Essay Paragraphs

Tips to build effective, sharp and concise essay paragraphs:

1. Start with a clear introductory sentence that summarizes the paragraph’s main points or your personal opinion.

2. Develop analyses and evaluation to support the introductory sentence.

3. Introduce real-life examples, statistics or case studies to demonstrate your points.

4. Use transitional words and phrases to highlight addition, contrast and to more easily direct the IELTS examiner.

5. The ideal length of a Writing Task 2 essay paragraph is about 4-5 sentences.

An example essay paragraph that examines the benefits of working as a team:

Teamwork facilitates the generation of new ideas and increases group productivity. While working as a team, members can brainstorm different topics together; therefore, more creative ideas are created. In addition, by cooperating with others, one can rely on his colleagues to offset his weaknesses and, at the same time, utilize his strengths. As a result, overall work efficiency and productivity will be significantly boosted. For example, 85% of managers studied in a recent survey in Hong Kong confirmed that teamwork was the most important reason for their companies’ new product launch success stories.

Your task: Please build a complete essay paragraph to describe

  • The advantages of cultural diversity in the workplace

  • The disadvantages of working as freelancers

  • The causes of students’ mental stress

  • The solutions to an ageing population

Want to share your paragraphs? Please comment them below, and we will give feedback on your work!

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