Grammar Builder Exercise – Describing Disadvantages of a Trend

This article will introduce you to several sentence structures to describe the limitations/ disadvantages of a trend. They can be used in both the Writing Task 2 and Speaking Part 3 section of the IELTS exam.

Structure #1: … has a negative impact/ effect/ influence on … .

Example: Working too long hours has a negative impact on employees’ mental wellbeing and overall productivity.

Structure #2: … negatively impacts/ affects/ influences … .

Example: Poorly regulated gun ownership negatively affects public safety and the ability of the police to mitigate crime risks.

Structure #3: … is a major disadvantage/ negative consequence if … continues to happen/ progress/ develop.

Example: Global labor shortage is a major disadvantage if low birth rates continue to happen in many developed countries.

Structure #4: … is criticized for … .

Example: The government’s plan to increase car production in the country is criticized for facilitating clime change.

Structure #5: One of the limitations/ drawbacks of … is that … .

Example: One of the limitations of home education is that children are taught in different ways, depending on their parents’ educational history and cultural preferences.

Challenge: For each of the sentence structure above, can you think of another example? Please share your sentences with us and our readers below, and we are more than happy to give you feedback!

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