• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercise – Describing Solutions to a Problem

In Writing Task 2, the topic may ask you to analyze the causes, effects of and propose solutions to a problem. This article will provide you with several recommended grammatical structures to describe solutions to a given problems.

1, The problem can be solved/ mitigated/ prevented by … .

Example: The problem of traffic congestion can be mitigated by reducing public transport fares and imposing a city center toll.

2, The government/ private sector should … in order to reduce/ mitigate/ solve … .

Example: The private sector should take mental health at work seriously and provide employees with flexible working conditions in order to reduce burnout.

3, One of the most effective ways to solve/ combat/ decrease … is to … .

Example: One of the most effective ways to decrease the costs of housing in big cities is to impose a price ceiling for rent rates.

4, By …, the government/ private businesses/ schools/ parents can … .

Example: By buying books and registering their kids for sports activities, parents can help to curb children’s increasing addiction to mobile devices.

5, Not only does … solve/ reduce/ limit …, but it also strengthens/ fosters/ improves … .

Example: Not only does mandatory community work reduce federal budgets spent on maintaining prisons, but it also fosters an environment that is more open to criminals.

Challenge: Can you think of example sentences for each of the grammatical structures above? Please leave your sentences in the comment section below, and we will give feedback on them!

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