• Mai Duc Nguyen

Grammar Builder Exercise – Describing Advantages of a Trend

Exercise: For each of the following grammatical structures, think of another sentence which aligns with the stated topic.

Structure #1: … positively affects/ impacts/ influences … .

  • For example: Cycling to work positively affects employees’ mental, physical health and the natural environment.

  • Topic: Benefits of taking a gap year before going to university

Structure #2: … is one of the benefits/ strengths/ pros/ advantages/ positive outcomes of … .

  • For example: Cleaner oceans are one of the benefits of reduced single-use plastic consumption.

  • Topic: Benefits of reading books frequently

Structure #3: When … happens/ increases/ develops, … can benefit from … .

  • For example: When international tourism increases, local businesses can benefit from a higher number of customers and greater brand awareness.

  • Topic: Benefits of doing charity

Structure #4: As a result of/ Because of/ Due to/ Thanks to …, … improves/ grows/ enhances.

  • For example: Thanks to the pandemic and the consequential work-from-home situation, family relationships improve in many countries.

  • Topic: Benefits of showing gratitude in the workplace

Structure #5: In addition to …, … also creates/ leads to/ produces … .

  • For example: In addition to reducing stress among kids, a homework-free educational environment at primary schools also creates a huge amount of time for outdoor activities.

  • Topic: Benefits of allowing kids to watch television

Do you have other structures to describe advantages of a trend or want to share your sentences from the exercise above? Please leave a comment!

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