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IELTS Listening Revision – Impacts of Architecture on People’s Moods

Section 4 – Questions 31-40

Questions 31-37

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

31. The purpose of the data collection was to

A. test people’s reaction to different buildings.

B. collect detailed information on various buildings.

C. assess the beauty of different public buildings.

32. The initial plan to use a questionnaire was abandoned, because

A. it would take too much time to produce.

B. the questions were too difficult to write.

C. it would take too long for people to complete.

33. People indicated their reactions on a 1-5 scale,

A. giving rise to some interesting questions.

B. ensuring that the information was easier to collect.

C. making it quicker to choose the top three images.

34. To make sure people could see the detail in the images better

A. only daylight images were used.

B. black and white images were used.

C. the images were produced in color.

35. What was done to preserve the images when being used?

A. they were covered in plastic with a special machine.

B. people were asked to wear gloves when touching them.

C. the images were handled only by the researcher.

36. Among the people who formed part of the sample were

A. tourists from various places.

B. office workers during lunch-break.

C. commuters as they exited stations.

37. What was the reason for appointing a leader for the group?

A. to comply with the instructions for the task.

B. to help hold the team together.

C. to allocate tasks to the various members.

Questions 38-40

Which findings match the age groups of the image testing?

Write the appropriate letter A-D next to each age group.


A. varied reaction

B. mainly scored 1

C. mostly scored 3

D. mainly scored 5

38. 11-18 years old: ………………..

39. 20-40 years old: ………………..

40. 50 years old and over: ………………..

Source: The IELTS Listening Test

Please find the recording here and the answers here. (The applicable audio starts from 19:10 to 24:35.)

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