• Mai Duc Nguyen

IELTS Speaking Revision – Useful Sentence Structures to List Something

Questions that require you to create a list are popular in the IELTS Speaking test. If you wish to list several things at the same time, you may consider the following grammatical structures:

1. There are many …, such as … .

For example: There are many activities that I enjoy doing in my free time, such as going to the cinema and playing the piano.

2. There is a variety of …, including … .

For example: There is a variety of ways in which I read news every day, including on social media and on news apps.

3. There are several … . First, … . Second, … .

For example: There are several factors that I consider before buying a mobile device. First, I compare the price of the device with prices of other devices in the same product category. Second, I evaluate its battery quality and screen size.

4. When it comes to …, several factors, such as …, are important/ all play a role.

For example: When it comes to choosing a job, several factors, such as work environment and benefit packages, are important.

5. … happens/ I … in different ways. For example, … . Furthermore, … .

For example: I exercise in different ways. For example, I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Furthermore, I also take a 30-min walk every morning before going to work.

Do you have other sentence structures to create a list? Please share with us and our readers by leaving a comment below.

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