• Mai Duc Nguyen

IELTS Writing and Speaking Tips – How to Rephrase Common Grammatical Structures

1, … likes to do something.

Example: My parents like to cook together when they have free time.


  • In their free time, my mom and dad enjoy cooking together.

  • One of my parents’ hobbies is to cook together in their free time.

  • When they are free, my parents spend time cooking together.

2, … is good at something.

Example: My primary teacher is good at communicating her points clearly.


  • My primary teacher shows an ability to communicate clearly.

  • One of my primary teacher’s strengths is to communicate her thoughts clearly.

  • My primary teacher is well known for her clear communication skills.

3, … is hard-working.

Example: My CEO is a hard-working person.


  • My CEO is a diligent business leader.

  • My CEO is admired for his strong work ethics and determination.

  • My CEO always aims to achieve more than people’s expectations of him.

4, … is a good way to ... .

Example: Using public transport is a good way to reduce air pollution.


  • By using public transport, passengers help to mitigate air pollution.

  • Lower air pollution is one of the benefits of greater use of public transport.

  • Thanks to greater use of public transport, air pollution has decreased.

5, … is the reason why ... .

Example: Flexible working hours are the reason why many employees want to work from home.


  • Many employees wish to work from home because the arrangement allows them to work flexible hours.

  • Flexible working hours explain why many employees want to work remotely.

  • Working from home is preferred by many employees as it enables them to create flexible working hours.

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