• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – April 2020

1. (v) blush: if you blush, your cheeks turn red because you feel embarrassed or ashamed

Example: The woman blushed as she received the engagement ring from her boyfriend.

2. (v) weld: to join or unite people or things, for example, metal

Example: To weld these pieces of metal, a temperature of 300 degrees is required.

3. (adj) jarring: a jarring noise is unpleasant because it starts loudly and unexpectedly

Example: The jarring noise coming from the construction site annoyed students of Christchurch High School.

4. (v) extrapolate: to conclude or predict something based on the information that you already have

Example: Given the current COVID-19 situation, many experts extrapolate that a financial crisis is likely to happen.

5. (v) concoct: to invest false information, explanations or stories, often for dishonest purposes

Example: To manipulate stock prices, a group of investors concocted that the two insurance companies would face bankruptcy soon.

6. (n) litany: a long list of things that someone talks or writes about

Example: The management team was forced to intervene after the customer service team received a litany of complaints from customers.

7. (v) attest: to prove something to be true, or to claim formally that you believe something is true

Example: The scientists, after a decade of researching, attest that the more you sleep, the better your memory and brain functions.

8. (adj) disenchanted: to no longer show interest in or be enthusiastic about something

Example: The marketing manager started to feel disenchanted and isolated after all of his proposals were rejected by the management team.

9. (v) disempower: to reduce the amount of power or influence that a company or a person has

Example: The multinational management consultancy company was disempowered after its tax scandals were publicized.

10. (n) acronym: an abbreviation that includes letters forming a word

Example: ASEAN is an acronym for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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