• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – August 2019

1. (adj) indelible: to be permanent or to make a mark that cannot be removed

Example: The incident acts as an indelible shame in his mind.

2. (n) tempo: the speed at which something happens

Example: The rapid tempo of cultural exchange in this city surprises many tourists.

3. (adj) tiresome: to feel annoyed, bored or exhausted

Example: The tiresome cycle of office work encourages many to work as freelancers.

4. (n) fusion: a process in which different things are combined to create something new

Example: The musical performance illustrates the fusion of art, science and humanity.

5. (v) excise: an act of censorship in which the censor removed certain parts of a book or movie

Example: The panel of censors insisted that the romantic parts be excised from the upcoming Hollywood movie.

6. (n) inversion: a change that makes something the opposite of what it was

Example: The inversion of traditional household roles in this town is a robust example of how gender equality can be promoted on a local scale.

7. (v) dismember: to take away parts from a country, organization or system to make it weaker

Example: The territories were dismembered after the agreement between the three Kings was signed.

8. (adj) coy: not willing to share information or to pretend to be shy

Example: The daughter is very coy about her new boyfriend.

9. (adj) corny: something that seems silly because it has been used so many times

Example: The ceremony’s opening statement sounds corny to the students, because they must listen to it every month.

10. (adj) judicious: to show good judgement and intelligence

Example: The CEO is seen as a highly judicious leader, since she can solve complicated managerial problems with simple communication techniques and short conversations.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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