• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – August 2021

1. (n) resistance: the refusal to accept something new such as a new idea or opposition to someone/ something

Example: The company’s return-to-office plans encountered resistance from its employees whose productivity has increased during the pandemic.

2. (adj) informal: to be relaxed, friendly and has no serious rules or arrangements

Example: The company fosters a unique interview experience by creating informal conversations.

3. (v) bolster: to strengthen or improve the effectiveness of something

Example: A right mix of strategic thinking and attention to details helps to bolster a leader’s credibility.

4. (v) override: to be of greater importance than something else

Example: Customer satisfaction overrides the short-term desire to increase revenues and satisfy shareholders.

5. (v) mobilize: to use the resources available to achieve a goal or to come together to complete something

Example: To mobilize the support of their supporters, political candidates need to hold many rallies and spend huge amounts of money on advertising.

6. (adj) visionary: to have clear ideas about how the future looks like, and the steps needed to create it

Example: A visionary leader is always willing to sacrifice short-term gains to pursue long-term plans.

7. (adj) pernicious: to be very dangerous or harmful

Example: An unhealthy diet is pernicious as it has gradual negative impacts on people’s lives.

8. (v) confront: to get close to something or to face a difficult situation

Example: If you do not take risks, you will never be able to confront and ultimately overcome your fears.

9. (v) underpin: to be an important or fundamental part of something

Example: Cultural stereotypes and biased news reporting underpin racial discrimination in many countries.

10. (n) assumption: a claim that you think is true even though it has not been proven or verified

Example: When a situation presents unclear risks, a leader can make educated assumptions to devise solutions.

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