• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – February 2020

1. (adj) trivial: something that is not important or special

Example: The technical error was too trivial for the marketing department to notice and take actions.

2. (n) kink: something that is creating hurdles or is a problem

Example: To overcome these organizational kinks, we need cooperation from different teams in different countries.

3. (adj) enamored: to be impressed with or enthusiastic about something

Example: The tourists are strongly enamored of Tokyo and would like to visit this place again in the future.

4. (v) wane: to become weaker or less crucial

Example: As his political power waned, the president was actively looking for job vacancies in the business world as an option during his retirement.

5. (adj) mock: something unreal, fake but represents the original version

Example: The professor provides his students with a mock exam to help them better understand what exam questions may look like.

6. (v) hinge: to depend on something or someone

Example: Most major marketing moves hinge on the general director’s decisions.

7. (v) churn: to move something around violently

Example: The heavy rains were churning up the whole city.

8. (n) backlog: an amount of work that you should already have done

Example: The uncleared backlog at work prevented him from enjoying his vacations.

9. (v) retort: to reply immediately, often in an unfriendly manner, to a saying from someone

Example: After stopped by a police officer, the drive retorted angrily and insisted that he was driving lawfully.

10. (n) elation: a feeling of great pleasure, excitement or happiness

Example: After passing the difficult exams, her mood was filled with elation.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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