• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – February 2021

1. (adj) consistent: to remain the same over time in terms of development patterns, behaviors or qualities

Example: The government of New Zealand has been consistent in its approach to fighting COVID-19 in the last few months.

2. (v) endure: to suffer or witness something, mostly unpleasant, for a long time

Example: Many domestic helpers have to endure physical violence and mental stress during their time living in Hong Kong.

3. (v) evoke: if an idea or emotion “evokes”, it appears in your mind

Example: The recent housing bubble evoked memories of the 2008 global financial crisis.

4. (n) whiff: something in small quantity

Example: These animals are so sensitive that they can sense a whiff of threat from wild predators.

5. (adj) musty: to have an unpleasant smell

Example: These buildings have been abandoned since World War II and therefore have a musty smell.

6. (v) propel: to move or push something/ someone forward

Example: The high speed of Internet connection propelled startups in Southeast Asia forward.

7. (n) retention: the process of keeping employees from leaving a company or students from leaving a school

Example: Many companies who perform poorly in employee retention have one thing in common – They ignore the need for strong mental health among their employees.

8. (n) maturity: qualities expected from an adult or a stage in which someone/ something reaches full development

Example: The banking industry is believed to reach maturity years ago and no longer attract young talents.

9. (adj) focal: to be highly important

Example: One of the focal points of this product marketing plan is to educate customers on new features and capabilities.

10. (adj) seismic (in a non-scientific context): to lead to a dramatic change in a situation

Example: She experienced a seismic shift as she left the public sector and joined a private tech company.

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