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New English Words of the Month – January 2021

The IELTS With Mr Duc team would like to wish you, your friends and families a healthy, safe and successful New Year. We will begin our blog articles of 2021 with the top 10 new words for January!

1. (v) integrate: to combine two or more things or to become a member/part of a group or society

Example: A company’s onboarding program, when done effectively, can help integrate new employees into the organization.

2. (n) acquisition: the process of buying something or gaining new knowledge or skills

Example: Acquisitions are often heavily scrutinized by governments to prevent monopolistic power from growing.

3. (n) succession: a series of similar things or the process in which a new leader replaces an old one

Example: Leadership succession can bring new ideas and insights to an organization; however, not all employees will welcome the changes.

4. (v) evolve: to gradually change and develop over time

Example: The book soon evolved into a framework for governments to respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters.

5. (n) distillation (in a non-scientific context): the process of collecting the most important points and ideas and presenting them

Example: The new logo design is a distillation of numerous team discussions and meetings with external consultants.

6. (n) alliance: an agreement between two or more people, companies or organizations to work together to achieve a common goal

Example: Many airlines form alliances to offer customers a wider range of benefits and fare discounts.

7. (v) augment: to increase the size, amount or value of something

Example: The new smartphone model was augmented by advanced camera, storage and file-sharing features.

8. (v) coincide: If two things happen at the same time, they “coincide”

Example: The increased value of the Euro coincided with a significant boost in consumer confidence.

9. (adj) fortuitous: something which happens by chance or accidentally

Example: The 2008 financial crisis was not fortuitous but rather the aftermath of a series of missteps made by banks and house owners.

10. (n) speculation: rumors and discussions about why something has happened or what will happen in the future

Example: The politician’s appearance in multiple community and fund-raising events fueled speculation about his presidential campaign next year.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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