• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – July 2019

1. (n) plague: a serious disease that spreads quickly to a lot of people and usually ends in death

Example: The plague grew so fast that authorities in the country could not control it, until they received international aid.

2. (adj) trite: to be old or boring

Example: The lecture on social skills from the principal was trite, because his students had listened to it for so many times.

3. (v) expunge: to remove something completely, especially from a written record

Example: The health clinic often expunges physical data records of patients who have not visited it in the last two years.

4. (v) purge: to remove a bad feeling or unpleasant condition from someone or something

Example: Thanks to practicing meditation regularly, he was purged of all his anxiety and depression.

5. (adj) vigilant: to watch a situation carefully

Example: Authorities recommend that tourists be vigilant in this city due to recent mass protests.

6. (v) sneak: to move somewhere quietly and secretly so that no one can see you

Example: The kids sneaked into their bedroom to give their dad a big surprise in his birthday.

7. (adj) scintillating: to be very impressive, clever or outstanding

Example: The essay was so scintillating that in the first place, the professor did not believe it was written by an undergraduate student.

8. (adj) blunt: to be outspoken and direct even though doing this might upset other people

Example: The managers provided him with blunt feedback on his performance, yet he was thankful.

9. (adj) terse: a terse statement is short and concise and is often made by a person who is annoyed by something

Example: Because the couple was in a conflict, they gave each other a terse goodbye.

10. (v) dilute: to make a liquid less strong by adding water or another liquid

Example: Theranos diluted small blood samples of patients with other liquids, even though doing so would make the testing process less reliable.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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