• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – July 2021

1. (n) stakeholder: someone who has an interest in or plays a role in the success of a project, process, or organization

Example: Media partners and event organizers are two important stakeholders of this conference.

2. (v) alienate: to make someone feel they do not belong to a place or group

Example: The typical organizational structure often alienates young employees who have new and bold ideas.

3. (v) squander: to use something, such as time and money, not in a sensible or rational way

Example: By forcing all employees to return to the office, this company squandered opportunities to develop a sustainable hybrid work environment.

4. (n) dimension: an aspect of something, for example, a process, or the size of something

Example: To truly understand World War II, you must study it cultural and political dimensions.

5. (adj) enmeshed: to be stuck or involved in a situation that is unpleasant and difficult to escape from

Example: Because the new employee kept silent all the time, he was enmeshed in a vicious cycle of inadequate learning and lack of supportive colleagues.

6. (n) momentum: the status in which something is making progress or developing

Example: Interest in full-time remote work has gained momentum because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

7. (n) judgment: an opinion about a matter or the ability to truly understand a situation and make sound decisions

Example: When people are angry, their judgment is damaged, and they are less likely to make sensible decisions.

8. (n) compensation: the financial rewards that are given to someone to cover loss or damage happening to them

Example: The court’s final decision was that the oil company must pay fishermen $45 million for polluting the river.

9. (n) miscalculation: a wrong judgement or forecast about what will happen or what to do in a situation

Example: The company made an early miscalculation when they thought that the COVID-19 pandemic would end by the Christmas season of 2020.

10. (adj) virtuous: behaviors or systems that are morally good or right

Example: The CEO always follows a virtuous leadership style that is driven by integrity, care, and determination.

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