• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – June 2019

1. (adj) stale: to be old, no longer fresh or does not smell as well as the original state

Example: There is a common belief that if fruits become stale quickly, they must have been grown free from harmful chemicals.

2. (v) throb: if you heart throbs, it beats much harder and faster than usual

Example: Your heart throbs after heavy physical exercises, because it needs to transmit a larger amount of blood to your body organs.

3. (n) knack: a skill or ability, often special

Example: The manager has a knack of reading materials very fast.

4. (n) plea: an urgent request or a statement in a court of law that defends a person

Example: The police responded irresponsibly to the couple’s plea for immediate assistance.

5. (n) prose: written language in its ordinary form, instead of in poetic form

Example: The 18th century women in this town recorded their emotions in prose.

6. (v) slant: to give information in a way that gives more attention or support to a particular group of people

Example: The advertisement was slanted towards foreign expats who have enormous financial capacity.

7. (v) sprout: to start to grow or increase in number

Example: This animal has a special ability to sprout a new tail if the current one is damaged.

8. (n) bummer: a disappointing situation or experience

Example: The journey was a real bummer, because the airline forced us to stay overnight at the airport instead of allowing us to board.

9. (n) zing: a lively taste, feeling or ambience

Example: The music had so much zing that the party participants could not stop dancing.

10. (v) swamp: to give someone too much work to deal with or to surround someone/ something in very large numbers

Example: The movie star was swamped by reporters and photographers after she left the hotel.

What new words have you learned in June 2019? Please share them with others by leaving a comment.

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