• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – June 2020

1. (n) impediment: an issue or challenge that makes it more difficult to do or achieve something

Example: The director’s disagreement is a major impediment to the implementation of this marketing plan.

2. (v) languish: to remain in an unpleasant situation or fail to be successful

Example: Their relationship continued to languish as they gave birth to a new child.

3. (adj) fiery: to be angry easily or to be full of strong emotions

Example: Their fiery arguments all started with ambiguities in the employment contract.

4. (v) intrigue: to make someone feel interested in or enthusiastic about something

Example: Effective advertisements intrigue audiences and encourage them to buy items that they did not initially want to.

5. (v) chide: to criticize or reproach someone for their wrong behaviors

Example: The company was chided for its illegal use of child labor.

6. (adj) earnest: to be determined and serious about what you do or say

Example: Brown is an earnest young professional who always looks for ways to improve his communication and negotiation skills.

7. (n) disarray: a situation in which confusion arises or things get more and more disorganized

Example: The government’s cabinet was in total disarray after protesters presented new political demands.

8. (n) abatement: a reduction in something harmful or unpleasant

Example: Strict party rules in this dorm led to a significant abatement of noise levels.

9. (n) cascade: a series of things that arrive quickly one after the other

Example: The success of the new marketing campaign created a cascade of online orders.

10. (v) huddle: to move close together to stay warm or talk about something

Example: As students huddled, the teacher introduced new games for them to reinforce their friendships.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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