• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – June 2021

1. (v) condense: to make something smaller or shorter

Example: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the length of the conference had been condensed into three days.

2. (adj) rigorous: to be very careful or dedicated

Example: Visitors to this shopping center must go through rigorous safety checks.

3. (adj) delicate: to be soft, attractive, or pleasant (objects) or weak and often ill (humans)

Example: The interior design of this house is inspired by delicate Italian architecture of the 19th century.

4. (adj) comprehensive: to be detailed and include many aspects of a problem or area

Example: A child’s comprehensive development is driven by its mental, physical wellbeing and other social skills.

5. (v) distill (in a non-scientific context): to summarize a large amount of information into a short note or story

Example: This book distills the experience of many political leaders who faced severe economic crises in the past.

6. (v) supplement: to add something extra to improve something or make it bigger

Example: The quantitative findings were supplemented with qualitative insights from interviews with business leaders.

7. (v) embrace: to open your mind and accept a new idea or belief

Example: This village’s residents have finally embraced pro-abortion attitudes after years of fighting against abortion laws.

8. (n) competence: a person’s range of skills or the ability to perform a task effectively

Example: Men’s sexual competence can be negatively affected if they smoke.

9. (adj) imperative: extremely important, critical, or urgent

Example: Relocating these fishermen and their families is imperative, as their neighborhood will face a huge storm tomorrow.

10. (v) catalyze (in a non-scientific context): to cause something to happen, often in a dramatic or unexpected way

Example: The birth of electric cars catalyzed a change in how people view vehicles run by fossil fuels.

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