• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – March 2020

1. (adj) manic: to be extremely excited about something

Example: The crowd became manic when the K-pop star arrived onstage.

2. (v) haggle: to negotiate the conditions of an agreement or the price of a product/ service

Example: In many Asian countries, you can haggle with local vendors if you feel that a price is too high.

3. (adj) pushy: to be extremely determined to achieve something, even if that hurts or annoys others

Example: The CEO was very pushy in his early thirties, but later realized that he needed to make social contributions.

4. (adj) theatrical: to be emotional to grab attention or raise awareness of something

Example: Theatrical behaviors are not unusual in the workplace, especially because promotional opportunities are rare.

5. (adj) crappy: to be very bad or disappointing

Example: The food was once so crappy that the restaurant was rated one star on Google.

6. (n) umbrage: to be offended by something

Example: The shareholders are likely to take umbrage if we don’t share details about this human resource crisis.

7. (adj) intact: to stay unharmed, undamaged or complete despite a crisis

Example: The bridge has survived the earthquake intact.

8. (adj) indomitable: to be impossible to dominate or defeat

Example: Although their enemies were equipped with modern weapons, the village’s residents kept an indomitable spirit.

9. (v) dissect: to study or examine parts of something to understand the whole

Example: The historians carefully dissect the remains of animals in the town to study its residents’ cooking and gathering behaviors.

10. (n) novice: someone who is a new learner of a skill or subject

Example: Novice computer programmers lack experience but are always full of new ideas and determination.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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