• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – November 2020

1. (n) misstep: a mistake or wrong action, often caused by a lack of careful consideration

Example: Missteps in the prosecution process can reduce public trust in the criminal justice system.

2. (v) jeopardize: to put something at the risk of being damaged, hurt or destroyed

Example: Budget cuts jeopardize the quality of our public health system.

3. (v) derail: to prevent something from continuing in the way that it should be

Example: Working extremely long hours can indeed derail your attention and decrease your productivity.

4. (v) assimilate: to digest an idea or piece of information so deeply that it becomes part of your knowledge

Example: These exercises allow you to assimilate key points of the chapters and apply them in your own situation.

5. (n) pitfall: a problem which is expected to have an impact in a particular situation

Example: Micromanaging too much is one of the most common pitfalls among new managers.

6. (v) accelerate: to push something so that it happens at a faster rate

Example: Studying and discussing as a group is an effective way for students to accelerate their learning.

7. (n) diagnosis (in a non-medical context): an analysis of a situation, often including reasons why the situation is happening in that way

Example: After running a diagnosis of the current situation, the new manager concludes that the reason for low customer satisfaction is a lack of training for staff members.

8. (adj) compelling: something which is so attractive or exciting that it can grab people’s attention for a long time

Example: The compelling vision of “Think Different” has allowed Apple to attract so many loyal customers in the last few decades.

9. (n) deference: treating someone with respect and showing a willingness to accept their opinion

Example: By learning how to express deference, you can build long-term relationships, both at home and at work.

10. (adj) vicious: to be dangerous, evil or extremely unpleasant

Example: If you cannot stop thinking about past mistakes, you are likely to get stuck in a vicious cycle of self-blaming.

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