• Mai Duc Nguyen

New English Words of the Month – October 2019

1. (adj) infinitesimal: to be very small

Example: There is an infinitesimal chance that the country’s economy will collapse next year.

2. (v) protract: to lengthen in time or space

Example: The new construction plans will significantly protract the university’s library.

3. (adj) despondent: to be disappointed because something bad keeps happening to you

Example: The student feels despondent because he has failed the Economics exam twice.

4. (n) rebate: a discount of price or a refund of money

Example: The new tax rebates offered by the central government help small-sized businesses reduce expenses.

5. (adj) fortuitous: something which happens accidentally

Example: The fall in unemployment rates was fortuitous because the central government did not implement any expansionary fiscal policy.

6. (adj) capricious: to change your opinion suddenly without a good reason

Example: Being capricious is often a signal of lack of detailed understanding about a problem.

7. (v) revamp: to improve how something looks by making big changes to it

Example: The university decided to revamp its cafeteria to serve a rising student population.

8. (v) burrow: to push your hand into or under something

Example: The policemen are burrowing into the group to look for evidence of a murder case.

9. (v) mumble: to say something in a way that is not loud or clear enough to make your words understandable

Example: The women mumble so that their husbands cannot hear their conversation.

10. (n) ribbing: this is an informal expression which means a friendly joke about someone

Example: The young girl created a ribbing to break the ice in the dinner.

What other new words have you learned this month? Please share with others by commenting below!

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